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Last Updated Saturday September 23 2017 10:05 PM IST

Shifting Sands: a book sans binaries

Radha's characters explore hard choices and make improbable decisions, often to the level of 'anarchy' in the traditional Nair setting where they are placed.

Some poems and stories of seduction

Conversational and narrative poems of life, nature and exile, investigation of sexual and social anomalies in India and a mythological classic about Lord Shiva's seduction by the enchanting Mohini. Take a look at the stack for this weekend.

Lessons in corporate leadership

Whether you want to launch a new business or product, or are keen to know how to climb up the corporate ladder, the bookshelf this week has experts sharing many facets of the big bad corporate world.

Panmana: a beacon of the Malayalam language

Two years back, none would have thought that a book on the nuances of the language of the Kerala land would sell like hot cakes, giving best selling works of fiction a run for their money.

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