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Last Updated Thursday February 22 2018 08:30 AM IST

Dileep and Kavya are my friends, but the one I support is ‘her’: Deedi Damodaran

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Dileep and Kavya are my friends, but the one I support is ‘her’: Deedi Damodaran Dileep with Kavya (L) and Deedi Damodaran

Ever since the February 17 actress attack, support has been pouring in for the victim from all parts of the country. But what social media now witnesses is a tug-of-war between two groups of supporters. While one group supports the victim, the other expresses solidarity with actor Dileep, who is an accused in the case.

Although the balance is still heavier on the victim’s side, Dileep faction is holding up pretty well. And for all we know, the common friends and acquaintances of the actor and the actress are wondering which side to take.

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Perhaps screenwriter Deedi Damodaran too felt the pressure to choose sides. So on Monday, Deedi took to Facebook to extend her support to the victim. Deedi also opened up about her friendship with Dileep and Kavya.

She wrote: “I have neither claimed that Dileep is the culprit behind the actress attack case nor have I stated that he is innocent. If my support to the attacked actress provoked someone to meet Dileep in jail, then it’s the patriarchal chauvinism, which has been hurt.

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“I don’t know if Pulsar Suni attended Kavya’s brother’s wedding, but I did attend. When my father passed away, Kavya was one among the many who reached my home to offer condolences. She had also invited me to write an introduction to her book and I was all the more happy to attend its release function. I was very close to Dileep also and have no enmity with either of them.

“But for the last 25 years, I have been studying, writing and researching about sexual abuses in Malayalam industry. And each time I get to know that a girl has been attacked, I can only support the victim. So here too, I can only stand with the girl who was attacked.

"If the accused ones are innocent, they should prove it in court. I am happy that many are standing with the attacked girl rather than supporting the one who has a big name in society.”

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